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Our heroes find a group of Slowpoke guarding a dried-up stream and hear the tale of a similar drought long ago, when one Slowpoke took the initiative to evolve into Slowking and save everyone. Can the

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original title: A Crowning Achievement

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Our heroes find a group of Slowpoke guarding a dried-up stream and hear the tale of a similar drought long ago, when one Slowpoke took the initiative to evolve into Slowking and save everyone. Can the same thing happen here?


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Insatiable, marauding aliens, The Nekross, invade the Earth in search of magic. Teenage schoolboy wizard Tom Clarke and his friend Benny Sherwood lead the defense against them.

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Insatiable, marauding aliens, The Nekross, invade the Earth in search of magic. Teenage schoolboy wizard Tom Clarke and his friend Benny Sherwood lead the defense against them. All I want to say that the first series of wizards vs aliens was good but series 2 is much better more grown up and more interesting with good character developments and that people should give it a chance because its have been amazing so far and tonight's episode nearly made me cry and that's coming from a sixteen year old it really is worth watching. the critics are harsh about shows like this and should just give them a chance so hats off to everyone involved in the show and bring on series 3 next year. but anyway the show is amazing and the story lines are good also the neckross are a brilliant aliens and are well designed so yea overall brilliant series well worth watching.


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The contract killer Frank Zimosa has just been hired for a ridiculously lucrative mission by the rich and powerful Jorge Mistrandia. The objective: to kill a couple of people hiding in one ...

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The contract killer Frank Zimosa has just been hired for a ridiculously lucrative mission by the rich and powerful Jorge Mistrandia. The objective: to kill a couple of people hiding in one of his European hotels. What would look like one of the simplest jobs Frank has ever had is just about to turn into a living nightmare. He will soon realize he's nothing more than prey for Mistrandia and his army of crazy henchmen that have hiding in the hotel along with an ancient and unstoppable Horror. In their hotels you can only rent Hell! See everything through the eyes of the Anti-Hero Frank Zimosa and boost your mind with an overdose of: nonstop violence, adrenaline, and pure fear, surrounded in a mysterious, deep and twisted story. You won't just watch it, you will experience it. Finally my copy arrived, and I can't wait to watch it again.

The story: The ex solider of fortune Zimmosa, now contract killer ZImosa, is a very cold blood and bastard inside man. He's only good side is, he love his girlfriend. For the rest he's a war machine and he can kill people without problems :D He has been hired by a mysterious old man (Mistrandia) that communicate with him trough some spycam glasses, to kill a couple of serial killer that are hiding in a hotel. But as soon Zimmosa conclude his job he realize that the hotel is just a cover for a giant organization, handed by Mistrandia, that collect "ancient things"

My Review Since the very first moment the movie started, I actually felt like I was watching a very long video game's cut scene. Everything happen under your eyes (with everything I mean EVERYTHING, also when the protagonist pukes or he heal his broken hand) The camera never stop to record...because the camera is actually the eyes of the protagonist (not a real camera like Rec and Blair Witch Project) This gives a very entertaining feeling, I never get bored, and I was always curious and surprised what new situation was about to come,what new monster was about to come from the corner. The mysterious story and the way the things are explained keep the hype on the top, and the camera it's not shaky like in VHS or rec, but more linear. I really loved the photography and the way they managed to keep the camera balanced and like in a fps game. You can actually feel the heaviness of the punches, the bones crunch ed under your feet like You are the protagonist, and you can actually feel on your skin also the fear he feel. Really a cool and unique experience, like a horror roller coaster :) I really liked the acting, more than the previous Necrostorm movies, I think more budget has been spent with actors this time, and I'm very happy about that. Some sequence are really disgusting(the throat cutting) other are more exaggerated (like the granades war) but all are extremely bloody and different in some ways, I like that the staff used a different approach on different sequence.

Extras I really appreciated the audio commentary, something I wanted to hear also in the previous titles, and a very detailed but very short fxs tutorial. Not a problem cause he answered many questions ;)

Weak points: The only point that surprised me in a weird way is the final boss, I really loved it but it was completely different from my expectations. Probably just me considering it's reported in the movie's cover :D

My Final Vote Really an awesome movie, probably the best Necrostorm's movie so far, I love fps games and to see a movie that looks like a real game (really not like those shitty RE and DOOM movies) really gave me an awesome feeling

Biased vote 10/10 points Unbiased vote (for who don't like splatters) 8/10

Continue with your great work, Cheers from Germany I was excited to check this out, as I had been a fan of Necrostorms previous entries (Adam Chaplin and Tater City). I finally got my copy in the mail, and wow, it was quite the scene.

We open in a taxi, through the eyes of a man named Zimosa. We will see the entire movie through his eyes, completely first person. We find out that Zimosa is a hit man, and will be working for a mysterious millionaire called Mistrandia. Zimosa is informed he'll be performing a simple job of taking out a couple that are in the hotel room next to his. Couldn't be more simple. But not everything is as it seems and Zimosa is about to have one hell of a night.

I have only seen two other movies told in first person, the Maniac remake and Enter the Void. Both of which I enjoyed. Hotel Inferno was no different, I did very much enjoy this flick. I thought the effects were outstanding, I found it very easy to become immersed in this bloody world. Because it was told in first person, and we see people being blown away, shot up and punched to death, it feels like a violent video game that you can't control. That was a fun experience. I do find pacing can be difficult with a first person movie, but I was never bored with this one.

I was surprised at how creepy and chilling this became. Most of these movies have been bloody fun, whereas because we are so immersed in this one, it's quite freaky and even scary in parts. The atmosphere really paints this out to be a nightmare of a Hotel.

The gore is excellent and excessive, as the usual with a Necrostorm project. At times, it actually looked disturbing realistic, while other times it was just bloody mayhem. Fans of Adam Chaplin and Tater City will dig the gore.

We also have our mutilated villains. There seems to be this reoccurring theme of mutating the bad guys in some way, making them ugly/deformed. It works so well in splatter films, they look so cheesy, I love the effects.

The one thing I did find distracting was Zimosa's voice. Since we never see his face, I couldn't help but think his voice sounded strange. Nevertheless, the actor did an outstanding job, especially for someone we never see. The guy playing Mistrandia though had a perfect voice. I don't know what it is about the English accent, but it works!

I do feel the ending was a little anti-climatic, as our big bad "girl" wasn't as shocking as I thought she would be. But it was memorable enough leading to a very interesting conclusion which I won't spoil here.

Fans of Taeter City and Adam Chaplin will dig this. If you love splatter gore or video games, this is for you.


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An action short film about a squad of five soldiers lost in the desert.

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original title: Sandbox

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An action short film about a squad of five soldiers lost in the desert.


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A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.

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original title: Mr. Right

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Martha is trying to find new love after her recent break up and immediately bumps into Mr right. Martha slowly discovers that he is a hit man on the run and that Mr right has made lots of enemies. What will they do when the bad guys come after Martha and Mr Right and what will Mr Right do when the bad guys kidnap Martha. A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him. As I was watching Mr. Right, I started thinking to myself, this is stupid. It's absurd and silly. So why does it work so well? The premise isn't unique or original. Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy turns out to be hit-man/secret agent. Boy drags girl on mad escapade against some dastardly villains, the bond between them getting stronger in the process. It's an ages old formula. It sorta kinda worked with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, and elsewhere failed miserably with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. So why then does it work so well with Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick? Well, exactly that: It's Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick. The two are so suited for each other it's adorable. The both of them are quirky, awkward, unconventionally attractive and very unpredictable in their work. Neither are what you'd call traditional romantic leads or action stars, and it's in that sense that the film finds its groove. I've heard other critics bash on Max Landis's script for being to busy or too stoked on itself, but in a studio system that tosses us garbage like the Kutcher/Heigl version, I'll take anything I can get that puts in an admirable effort, flaws and all. Anna plays a jilted girl who is on a speeding rebound train that has a chance run in with Mr. Right (Sam Rockwell). He's charming, super into her and the chemistry they have is obvious right off the bat. Soon they're being appallingly cute and pretty much dating... that's where the trouble begins. Rockwell is an infamous assassin on the run from several baddies including his former agency mentor (Tim Roth has even more fun with accents here than he did in The Hateful Eight) who has lost his marbles, and a trio of mafia brats played by a volatile Anson Mount, a hammy James Ransone and a wicked Michael Eklund as that nastiest of the bunch. The film tries hard to balance the two tones, and fpr the most part succeeds, blending them with the helpful notes of craziness from everyone. The violence is brutal, stylized and often darkly comical, the romance is sweet but never gushy with just a hint of mental instability from both parties (sounds weird, I know... it works). Rockwell adds shades of his off the rails work in Seven Psychopaths, albeit with less psychosis. Kendrick is endlessly cute, and endearingly klutzy. Throw in RZA as a hapless killer who can't decide what side of the fence he's on, and you've got a diverse little cast with enough collective and individual talent to make this a good time. It won't be for everyone; I can picture many people I know big annoyed, or simply finding themselves unable to buy into it. But for fans of Rockwell and Kendrick (even if you're not, there's no scoffing at both their skills) it's a charming blast of fun. Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

Rating: 3.4/5 stars

Breezy, ballsy, crazy, and, most importantly, entertaining, "Mr. Right" is a screwball, hit-man, action rom-com if you will, where Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis from "Some Like it Hot" meet James Bond, Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, and even a bit of Bruce Lee. The plot is unabashedly insane and could have done with a lot more explanation; the characters are bat-sh*t crazy and could have had better arcs, but the film as a whole is quite funny and enjoyable, mostly due to its effervescent lead pair that make this candy-floss tale of blood and romance more charming than it has any right to be.

After going through a painful break up, a woman meets a man who appears to be perfect for her. However, as their relationship develops, she learns that he is a former hit-man. Their new, but genuine relationship is tested when his dark past comes back to haunt him. As the bodies pile up, she needs to decide whether to flee or join in the mayhem.

Sam Rockwell, who literally dances his way through the action sequences with kicks, knives, guns, and punches (who'd have thought that Rockwell could have ever pulled such stuff off), hasn't played a character this satisfying in years while Anna Kendrick, although always funny, has never been let loose like this. Rockwell and Kendrick are a match made in some bizarro version of Cuteville, and literally sell the film's quirkiness on their backs alone. In- between, RZA pops up for a fun cameo as a kindhearted gunman for hire.

For those who can warm up to this insane amalgamation of cool, mystery-assassin homage and adorable, love-at-first-sight schmaltz, "Mr. Right" may just be the most enjoyable action-comedy since Melissa McCarthy's "Spy" last year. The film’s likeable leads almost carry off a dark premise: that the love that strengthens this couple also makes them dangerous.


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Remake of the syndicated TV 1989's American Gladiators. Contestants face the Gladiators in games for cash and prizes. Hosted by Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali.

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Remake of the syndicated TV 1989's American Gladiators. Contestants face the Gladiators in games for cash and prizes. Hosted by Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali. The new American Gladiators kicked off to a successful start on NBC. There was a lot I liked about it, and some stuff that I would change. The female Gladiators seem to need a lot more practice on the events than the men do. The men for the most part did well, but the females lost just about every time.

Hulk Hogan has never met a camera he didn't like, and I thought he did well. I don't know where some of this talk of him looking bored is coming from. I thought he did well interviewing the contestants. Laila doesn't have as much experience in front of the camera as Hulk, but I thought she held her own.

As for the Gladiators, Wolf is my early favorite, because he has shown the most personality. It helps that he wrestled professionally, and has prior experience in that department. Hopefully in time, the rest of the crew will come around. During the first season of the original version, that Gladiator crew didn't show much charisma, but in the later years they developed some.

I liked that they are varying up the events for the men and the women. Some of the episodes of the original would get boring, when you'd see the same thing four times. By seeing some events only twice, it to me, makes the show seem fresher.

As far as changes, there are two main ones that I would make. I don't like the nameless, faceless play-by-play announcer. I think the guy calling the action needs a more visible presence on the show. By doing the play-by-play in post production, whoever he is, does not seem to give it that personal touch like Mike Adamle did on the original. The guy I always pictured in the role if they ever did a Gladiators remake, was Joey Styles from ECW. I'd love to hear an "Oh My God!" after someone took a big hit, or had a big fall.

The other change is that the new Eliminator is way too long, and difficult. They are asking for trouble by requiring the contestants to swim underneath that wall of fire. I have a fear that one of these days someone is going to lose their breath and either drown or get barbecued. There is too much going up and down. I think they need to take a lesson from the original and make the transitions between the legs of the Eliminator smoother. This would hopefully lead to less contestants being completely out of gas before they are even half done. Contestants from all over the nation are put through various challenges most of which include them facing the gigantic and fierce gladiators.

The thing about this show is that you feel for and sympathize with the contestants, and you will unknowingly find yourself hating the gladiators and picturing them as villains.

The hosts of the show themselves are huge, Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali, one a legendary wrestler and the other a female boxer.

Let's hope NBC doesn't cancel American Gladiators after a couple of seasons.

Overall, this is a fun and clean show to watch for the whole family, and is definitely worth a look. The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. It is assumed that no one who is diligently avoiding spoilers will be visiting this page in the first place.


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Ham and Kyle are captured by Visitors, and Charles, the Leader's special envoy, assumes command of the alien forces.

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Ham e Kyle vengono catturati dai Visitors e Charles, l'inviato speciale del Leader, assume il comando delle forze aliene. I combattenti della resistenza umana nella loro continua lotta con gli invasori della lucertola aliena chiamarono & quot; The Visitors & quot; avere una debacle seguita da un'inversione di fortuna. Il mercenario Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside) guida un'imboscata su un convoglio di camion visitatori che si rivela disastroso. Ham e il collega Kyle Bates (Jeff Yagher) sono entrambi catturati e trasportati sulla nave madre.

Il cattivo amico della serie Visitatori Diana (Jane Badler) ha solo una momentanea vittoria gongolante per la sua cattura di Ham e Kyle . Charles (Duncan Regehr), inviato speciale del capo supremo dei Visitatori, arriva e allevia Diana del comando.

Ripristina anche il nemico arco di Diana (sta dicendo che dovrebbe essere un altro Visitatore con cui Diana corrisponde un rancore personale piuttosto che un combattente della resistenza) Lydia (June Chadwick) è appena fuggita da una trappola di Diana, nella posizione del suo secondo in comando. Lydia sembra essere la fidanzata di Charles anche se la maggior parte delle donne ospite sembra avere una cosa per lui e può praticamente scegliere.

Non appena è promossa Lydia, Diana imposta un'altra trappola che si traduce nel suo rivale Mentre viene catturato dalla resistenza.

Nel frattempo Charles, un maestro della manipolazione mentale sperimentale sottopone Ham a tortuose allucinazioni da incubo in cui la moglie e la figlia lasciate nel Sud-Est asiatico vengono uccise dal collega di resistenza Mike Donovan (Marc Cantante). Ham ha il lavaggio del cervello per voler uccidere Donovan, che Charles cerca di fare in una borsa prigioniera teletrasmessa per Lydia. Spera di immergere il movimento di resistenza nel caos.

Gli eventi che seguono non hanno molto senso in termini di narrativa complessiva dell'episodio o dello spettacolo stesso. Il prosciugato viene salvato da un convoglio di prigionieri del Visitatore in una scena essenzialmente messa in scena unicamente per riportarlo con la resistenza prima dello scambio di prigionieri. Anche Kyle scappa e viene riconquistato. Niente di tutto questo deve accadere e lo scambio di prigionieri potrebbe essere andato avanti così facilmente senza di esso.

Il finale di shoot-em-up lascia Nathan Bates (Lane Smith), il padre malvagio di Kyle che ha tentato di trasformare l'invasione dei visitatori a proprio vantaggio, apparentemente morto. Quindi uno dei pochi personaggi terrestri interessanti della serie è stato quasi scritto fuori dalla trama.

Quando ero bambino e ho visto la miniserie e le serie TV di V mi sentivo sopraffatto dalla spettrale atmosfera dell'orrore che ha attirato e titillato dalle accattivanti donne dell'ospite come Diana e Lydia che diventarono solo più attraenti con le loro macchinazioni l'una contro l'altra. La battaglia tra contrappeso e resistenza tra alieni e alieni era tutta una roba da fantascienza molto formidabile.

Ma l'intrigo machiavellico sulla nave madre Visitatore della lucertola extraterrestre J.R. Ewing Diana era puro divertimento. Oltre a godere di ciò che Jane Badler ha visto per sempre, mi sono ritrovato a ridere dietro le sue macchinazioni non tanto segretamente sperando che lei condannasse gli noiosi esseri umani al terribile destino di diventare corsi principali sui piatti della cena dei visitatori.

Britannico l'attrice June Chadwick e l'attore canadese (scultore / pittore / uomo del Rinascimento) Duncan Regehr l'hanno portato a un crescendo tour-de-force durante la stagione solitaria, la storia era una serie di reti in prima serata. Ovviamente quel tipo di fantascienza visionaria non sembra mai durare tanto a lungo sulla rete televisiva americana come spazzatura di interesse umano di affermazione della vita.


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Kozenigata catches up with Chogoro, only to find duplicates of him and a starting secret from his youth.

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original title: Hard-Boiled Eggs Don't Crack

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Kozenigata raggiunge Chogoro, solo per trovare duplicati di lui e un segreto iniziale della sua gioventù.


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